pre and post wedding events

The bachelorette (or hen party) is a fun time for the future bride to spend time surrounded by the special ladies that have had an influence on her life and that make her world a better place. Every bride-to-be wants her bachelorette to be special and memorable.

Whether you will be sharing a glass of bubbly at your favourite location or dressing up and using props to add the fun element, the spontaneous, carefree and fun moments you will be sharing make for great photographs that you will treasure for a long time to come.

The post wedding shoot could include a shoot at a location that is special to you, that you weren’t able to fit it in or have on your wedding day. It is also another excuse (as if you need one!) to put on your wedding gown once again and make the most of it and have photographs taken while you are more relaxed and don’t have the time pressure. These photos can be more fun and crazy than the ones you had taken on your wedding day – let your imagination run wild!