Families and children

Family photographs are so special to have and keep for years to come. Children grow up and change so quickly, and photographs are one of the only ways of capturing these special moments of them at different ages as they grow up, and creating memories of them to last for many generations to come. When photographing families, I aim to let them interact as much as possible between themselves, in order to portray a natural, unposed feeling between the family members. Walking together, parents interacting with their children or even parents sharing a precious moment together without their children.

The interaction between a father and his daughter, the love between siblings, the fun and carefree spirit of children, the unconditional love parents have for their baby or child, the bond between a mother and her son. These are just a few reasons why family photos are so full of emotions and unique moments. I love telling the story of the family through the photographs. These shoots can be taken at a location that is special to your family, such as the autumn vineyards, walking along the lake, in the snow, in the park or even in the comfort of your own garden. The possibilities are endless for you to choose.